WSOF35’s Lance Palmer: ‘I’m The Best Featherweight In The World’

Being mindful of one’s goals is the beginning of a journey awaiting to unravel. A goal begins with the visualization of an intangible reality one looks to manifest. For some, keeping goals within the mind is their one and only way of setting a precedent for themselves. For the undisputed WSOF featherweight champion Lance Palmer, putting pen to paper and setting goals each day has become his primary task in becoming the greatest featherweight in MMA.

“I’m the best featherweight in the world,” said Palmer. “That’s my affirmation and it’s something I believe, write it down and I dig into my brain until it becomes a reality… There are things that I want to accomplish in practice and outside of practice and having myself write it down in a notebook, and having the 5-minute journal sets the precedent for each day. That’s kind of why I started doing it.”

Palmer has become a firm believer in using tactics shared between some of the most successful people in the world, one of which is reflective journaling. Every day, the former Division-I wrestler resets his frame of mind by evaluating his prior day’s achievements, while also looking forward to the ones he will set out to do in the hours ahead. Palmer believes that by diligently practicing and writing personal thoughts with gratitude, reflection and self-affirmations in mind boosts his reach towards mental and athletic success.

“When you write something down you are making yourself more accountable in a way,” said Palmer.

“When you open that book and you look at it, again at the end of the day you can say, ‘Oh well I didn’t get this done. And I wish I got this done.’ It doesn’t happen overnight but at the end of the day there are things that have to happen daily. It’s cool to have this stuff every day and look at it at the end of the year… It’s a different way of looking at things.”

The 29-year-old’s practice of process and reflection is a sign of his constant evolution. Even after seven years as a professional competing at a high level, the Team Alpha Male product is still hungry for mental and physical growth. For Palmer, this practice has become an imperative part of his brand new routine to further enforce to WSOF and the MMA world, that he is one of the top fighters the featherweight division will ever know.

“I’ve always had goals my whole life. When I have a goal that I complete, I would just move onto the next one and make new goals,” said Palmer. “I’ve never really took time to enjoy the process this much… These different things help you slow down and think about these things. Competing really isn’t about making a goal happen. If the goal happens that’s great. But it should be the process of completing that goal and living in that.”