Turning the Paige? Former WWE Champ Training For Possible MMA Career

WWE star Paige has been one of the major stars in the women’s division since making it onto the main roster. However, the professional wrestler could be considering a career change.

TMZ recently caught up with Paige’s boyfriend and current Combate Americas President, Alberto Del Rio, to discuss any potential to Del Rio stepping into the world of MMA once again. Del Rio once competed in MMA before making his mark in professional wrestling, most notably being on the receiving end of a Mirko “Cro Cop” highlight reel head kick.

While the former WWE champion was quick to shoot down those chances, he did mention Paige might be up for the task.

Paige was previously suspended for 60 days due to a second violation of WWE’s wellness policy. She’s also been on the sidelines recovering from neck surgery.

Still, the WWE athlete told TMZ she’s been training like crazy and has worked on her Brazilian jiu-jitsu grappling skills. Only 24, Paige is still young enough to make a legitimate run in MMA if she were serious about it.

She made sure to mention any MMA career aspirations would be after her WWE career was over. Considering how tumultuous her time with WWE has been lately, that could be sooner rather than later.