MMA Veteran Joe Riggs Gets Primal, Wins Bare-Knuckle Boxing Title

Joe Riggs has seen it all when it comes to MMA. An active professional since 2001, Riggs has fought for nearly every major MMA promotion. Now however, he’s trading in the four-ounce gloves for something much more primal.

Riggs’ MMA career has had its’ ups and downs but now the former WEC champion is enjoying success in another combat sport, bare-knuckle boxing. The MMA veteran fought Christian Evans for a title in a BKB bout that saw Riggs emerge victorious.

As you’ll notice, Riggs couldn’t help but look for the takedown early on in the fight. These MMA instincts saw Riggs drop a few points on the scorecards.

He was deducted points in the first two rounds after trying to takedown Evans but rallied in the third, knocking his rival down with a looping right hand that sent Evans crashing to the mat with a nasty cut above his eye.

Riggs pressed ahead and used his superior fight IQ in the latter stages of the bout to take home the title via unanimous decision.(via The Daily Star)

Riggs last fought in MMA against fellow MMA veteran (and bare knuckle boxer) Cody McKenzie. He defeated McKenzie via TKO back in October. McKenzie’s try at BKB didn’t go well for the “McKenzie-tine” master.