Floyd Mayweather Offers Advice To Ronda Rousey, ‘Keep Believing’

Most MMA fans would agree that Floyd Mayweather is the last person they’d expect to give words of encouragement to Ronda Rousey following her recent loss to Amanda Nunes.

Prior to discussing Rousey, Mayweather brought up his domestic violence past as it related to people questioning whether Rousey could defeat Mayweather in a boxing match. Although he admitted he’s “restrained someone,” Mayweather addressed it in typical “Money” fashion.

“Remember ladies and gentlemen, God only made one thing perfect. And that’s my boxing record.”

Following his clear the air moment, Mayweather took aim at the defeated UFC superstar. Despite their turbulent past, Mayweather showed support for Rousey and what she’s accomplished in the world of MMA.

“I want Ronda Rousey to hold your head up, stay focused, keep believing,” Mayweather said of the UFC superstar. “A true champion can bounce back… Ronda Rousey has a lot left.”

It’s a far cry from a few years ago when Mayweather infamously said “I don’t know who he is” when asked about Rousey. Considering the amount of criticism Rousey has received in the wake of UFC 207, it’s good to see there are some notable figures willing to offer words of encouragement to the fallen MMA superstar. Among those is one of her former judo training partners, WSOF’s own Kayla Harrison.

I think she has a lot of people around her who maybe don’t have Ronda’s best interests at heart. So I think she should take a good, hard look at that and maybe go back to the Day Ones. Maybe go back to her family. Maybe go back to her original coaches who helped her be successful and maybe say, ‘OK, these people I know really do care about me as Ronda – not as a fighter, not as a money-making machine, not as an actress, not as a celebrity, but as Ronda. (via TMZ)

Although Rousey’s MMA career is in doubt, odds are she’ll continue to dominate headlines considering she’s among MMA’s biggest superstars.