Woooo! 67-Year-Old Ric Flair Deadlifts 400 Pounds

Could we be on the verge of a historic title run by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair? Judging by a recent post from the pro-wrestling legend, Flair looks to be in great shape for a run at a seventeenth world title.

The WWE Hall of Famer posted a video of himself deadlifting 400-pounds with the caption, “I.Will.Never.Retire. #17”. And of course, gives off a trademark “WOO!” following the impressive lift.

I. Will. Never. Retire. #17

A video posted by Ric Flair® Nature Boy® (@ricflairnatureboy) on

It’s an incredible feat of strength by someone at that age. When most 67-year-olds are playing shuffleboard or trying to stay awake through the evening news, Flair is out there “clangin’ n bangin’” as another pro-wrestling legend calls it. Also equally impressive is the fact Flair pulled the weight up without any wrist straps or gear outside of a weight belt.

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